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Jun 20 2020 05:00 AM
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KOLOR is a four man canto rock band formed in 2005. Band member includes vocalist and guitarist Sammy So, guitarist Robin Law, bassist Sing Tse and drummer Michael Chu.  The name of Kolor came from the word Color, which represents their diversities both musically and personally.

Kolor has been one of the most representative and established rock band being active in the music industry for more than 10 years. They were brought onto the music scene by Ka-Keung Wong, the brother of the legendary rock singer Ka-Kui Wong from the most well-known hong kong rock band Beyond. Their unique perspectives of creating music is a fruit of the collaboration from 4 musicians coming from different backgrounds. 

Later they produced their production under their own lable, striking chord with a smaller yet more dedicated fanbase. Being the role models of many musicians of younger generations, Kolor s artistic expression is always closely involved with the Hong Kong life and society.


Color (2007), Surrealism (2009), Independence (2010), As Simple As (2010), Change (2011),  Major And Minor Issues, unity (2011), Never Ending(2013)


Hong Kong Commercial Radio Music Awards for best bands (2007), ranked 2nd
“Foolish Old Man” ranked number 1 in Music Pop Chart (2011)
“Philadelphia Experiment” ranked number 6 in Commercial radio 903 Ultimate songs Chart(2011)
“Time difference” TVB Jade Solid Gold music award, ranked 2nd  (2011)
“天地會” TVB Jade Solid Gold music award (JBS), ranked 1st (2012)
“雲圖” ranked 1st in Music Pop Charts at RTHK and 2nd TVB JGS (2013)
“生於憂患” ranked 1st  in Music Pop Charts at RTHK.
“修羅之惡” ranked 2nd in Music Pop Charts at 3rd at my903 and metroradio (2015)


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