The Young Bucks

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Jun 21 2024
The Wanch

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Got a hankering for some authentic Canadiana style folk music? The Young Bucks are a local folk/rock band that regularly plays at venues and festivals all over Hong Kong. Their originals and all of your folk-rock faves are reimagined and delivered in a harmonious package of guitars, funky bass, sick drum beats and some smooth fiddle!

 想聽一些地道加拿大風格的民間音樂嗎? The Young Bucks 是一支當地民謠/搖滾樂隊,定期在香港各地的場地和節日演出。他們的原創作品將所有您喜愛的民謠搖滾重新想像,並以吉他、時髦的貝斯、鼓點及流暢的小提琴的完美組合呈現!

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