The Kowloon Swing Outfit

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Jun 22 2024
The Fringe Club, Fringe Dairy

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The Kowloon Swing Outfit (KSO) puts a unique spin on classic American Songbook jazz. Delivered with humour and style, jazz favourites take on new life with the KSO. Audiences can expect fun arrangements with lots of surprises. The Kowloon Swing Outfit has performed recently at notable jazz institutions such as Hong Kong Fringe Club, Salon 10 and Chez Trente.

The Kowloon Swing Outfit (KSO) 為經典的美國歌曲集爵士樂注入了獨特的色彩。以幽默和風格呈現,爵士樂在 KSO 的演奏下呈現出新的面貌。觀眾可以期待有趣的安排和很多驚喜。KSO 最近在著名的爵士樂俱樂部中演出,例如藝穗會、Salon 10 和 Chez Trente。

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