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Jun 21 2024
The Fringe Club, Fringe Dairy

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Hong Kong finally has a new hardcore punk band! The band is called SNAILS and features ex-members of bands such as Yau Dong, Dagger, Kyanos, and King Ly Chee. Bassist To states, “We have a wide range of influences from bands like Dare, Drain, Jivebomb, and Drug Church. We’re into catchy hardcore that grooves and is as raw as possible.”

香港終於有新的硬蕊龐克樂團了!樂團名為 SNAILS,成員包括 Yau Dong、Dagger、Kyanos 和 King Ly Chee 等樂團的前成員。貝斯手 To 表示:「我們受到 Dare、Drain、Jivebomb 和 Drug Church 等樂團的廣泛影響。我們熱衷於朗朗上口的硬核音樂,這些音樂節奏感十足,而且盡可能原始。」

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