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Jun 21 2024
The Fringe Club, Fringe Dairy

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Loisey is an independent electronic music producer, sound designer, composer and live performer born in Tuen Mun Hong Kong. With a meticulous arrangement of classical piano, different versatile music instruments, as well as IDM elements in his works, he has developed a highly personal and unique music style.


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Daniel Chu is a Hong Kong-born pianist, composer, arranger, record producer, music director, and scholar. Daniel’s extraordinary musical talent has enabled him to collaborate with a diverse range of artists in various capacities. He possesses expertise in writing, arranging, producing, and performing pop music, having worked with famous singers such as Sammi Cheng, Janice Vidal, Jill Vidal, Kiri T, and many more. His music celebrates diverse world cultures, musical traditions, and playing techniques. His experience with free improvisation and the formal architecture of music gives him a unique outlook that encompasses classical, jazz, pop, soul, gospel, folk, and experimental.

Daniel Chu 是香港出生的鋼琴家、作曲家、編曲家、唱片製作人、音樂總監和學者。 他非凡的音樂天賦使他能夠與各種不同身份的藝術家合作。他擁有創作、編曲、製作和表演流行音樂的專業知識,曾與鄭秀文、Janice Vidal、Jill Vidal、Kiri T等著名歌手合作。他的音樂頌揚了不同的世界文化、音樂傳統和演奏技巧。他在自由即興創作和音樂正式架構方面的經驗賦予了他獨特的視野,涵蓋古典樂、爵士樂、流行樂、靈魂樂、福樂、民謠和實驗樂。

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