General Lino and The Captains

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Jun 22 2024
The Wanch

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The Afroreggae band is led by General Lino, accompanied his captains rocking the stage in army outfits and famed for their confident rhythm works and congo solos. Melding and harmonizing of the group guides an energy that resonates across the room, pierced by husky vocals of the group singer Nicky. Soft serenades performed with onstage charisma allow the band to move any audience and leave lingering memories.

非洲雷鬼樂隊由 General Lino 領導,身著軍裝的隊長們在舞台上伴奏,並以其自信的節奏作品和剛果獨奏而聞名。樂團的融合和和諧引導著一種能量在整個房間產生共鳴,樂團主唱 Nicky 沙啞的歌聲貫穿其中。柔和的小夜曲與舞台上的魅力讓樂團感動了所有觀眾並留下了揮之不去的記憶。

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