EJAR 東玉藝興

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Jun 21 2024
The Fringe Club, Fringe Dairy

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EJAR (EASTERN JADE ART RENAISSANCE, 東玉藝興) is a pioneering force for the experimental noise music scene. Formed in the small rocky village A Kung Ngam, Hong Kong, the band blends traditional sounds of the city with cutting-edge electronic noise, creating an auditory experience that challenges and captivates listeners. Their music is a daring exploration of the boundaries of sound, pushing the limits of what music can be. EJAR was conceived in 2020 when Shek and Julvian, after few glasses of wine, both come up an idea to do something, decided to make some noise in Hong Kong. They were soon joined by Kit and Dino.

EJAR (EASTERN JADE ART RENAISSANCE, 東玉藝興) 是實驗音樂界的先鋒。於香港阿公岩村誕生,樂隊將城市的傳統聲音與尖端的電子噪音融為一體,創造了一種聽覺享受,挑戰並吸引聽眾的體驗。他們的音樂是對聲音邊界的大膽探索,突破了音樂的極限 - 音樂可以是什麼 ? EJAR 誕生於 2020 年,當時 Shek 和 Julvian 在喝了幾杯酒後,一同想到要做點什麼,決定在香港鬧騰一下。Kit 和 Dino 很快也加入了他們。

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