Almond Milk

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Jun 22 2024
The Fringe Club, Fringe Dairy

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Almond Milk is the indie music project of three long time friends from Hong Kong. The band draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, including The Velvet Underground and Gorillaz, but their sound is truly their own. Basked in the sunny skies of Hong Kong, they poured everything they could into their self-titled debut album ‘Almond Milk,’ released in December 2023.

 Almond Milk 是三位來自香港的老朋友創立的獨立音樂項目。樂團從廣泛的音樂中汲取靈感,包括 The Velvet UndergroundGorillaz,但他們的聲音真正屬於他們自己。沐浴在香港晴朗的天空下,他們傾注了一切心血,於 2023 年 12 月發行了首張同名專輯《Almond Milk》。

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