Whitt's End

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Jun 16 2023 to Jun 17 2023
The Wanch

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Whitt's End are a pop punk/rock trio, performing high energy modern rock and original songs. Fronted by Aussie brothers Saxon and Jarvis, and English drummer Theo, the boys formed late 2021 and have been delivering blasting youthful energy across HK since!

Whitt's End為一支流行搖滾三人樂隊,演奏現代搖滾及原創歌曲。該樂隊由澳洲兄弟Saxon和Jarvis擔任主唱,並請來英國鼓手Theo加入。該組合於2021年尾成立,自那時起,一直在香港傳遞帶有爆發力的音樂節奏!

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