Shumking Mansion

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Jul 17 2023 to Jun 18 2023
The Wanch

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“Loe. War. Paranoia. Escape. Rogue robots. Flash floods. All things to be confronted by dancing until near-collapse in the world of Shumking Mansion. A furnace-blast of technicolor noise levelled straight to the back of the brain, Shumking's live shows are high-speed anarchy. From all four corners of a convincing simulation of Earth--but forever representing Hong Kong--Zaid, Kent, Shum and Jem are on a mission to seize the present and point it like a hand-cranked laser gun at an unforgiving future”

在Shumking Mansion的世界中,愛情、戰爭、偏執、逃離、失控機器人、山洪暴發等種種事物都需要通過瘋狂跳舞來面對,直到快要倒下為止。Shumking的現場演出就像一股爆炸性的彩色噪音,直接轟擊著人的大腦。他們來自地球的四個角落,但永遠代表香港,Zaid、Kent、Shum和Jem的使命是抓住現在,像手摇激光槍一樣指向不可饒恕的未來。

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