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Jun 16 2023 to Jun 17 2023
The Wanch ; The Fringe Club, Fringe Dairy

Reserve your spot @The Wanch
Friday 16th
Reserve your spot @The Wanch Friday 16th

Reserve your spot @The Fringe Club Dairy
Saturday 17th
Reserve your spot @The Fringe Club Dairy Saturday 17th

RP3 (Remi Panossian Trio) is first and foremost a story of friendship between 3 enfants terribles of French jazz : Rémi Panossian (piano), Maxime Delporte (double bass) and Frédéric Petitprez (drums) who started their adventure in 2009. 

The 3 accomplices, in life and on stage, enjoy sharing with their audience their happiness to play together and to challenge the rules of the genre with mischief, melodic lyricism and catchy grooves. The trio assumes its "pop" side, light but always exigent. Melodies full of words without ever being talkative.  
RP3 has established a solid reputation on the world's greatest jazz stages. With more than 500 concerts given all over the world and already 5 albums acclaimed by the media, the trio is now known as one of the best French jazz musicians abroad.

RP3(Remi Panossian Trio)是一個關於法國爵士樂的 3 個孩子之間的友誼故事,Rémi Panossian(鋼琴)、 Maxime Delporte(低音提琴)和 Frédéric Petitprez(鼓)於 2009 年開始了他們的冒險之旅。

生活中和舞台上的三位同謀,樂於與觀眾分享一起玩耍、挑戰規則的快樂帶有惡作劇、旋律抒情和引人入勝的節奏的流派。三重奏呈現出其“流行”的一面,輕盈但總是緊迫。旋律滿嘴花言巧語卻從不多話。RP3在世界上偉大的爵士樂舞台上建立了良好的聲譽。在世界各地舉辦了 500 多場音樂會,並且已經有 5 專輯受到媒體的好評,三重奏現在被稱為國外最好的法國爵士樂音樂家之一。

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