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Jun 17 2023
The Wanch

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The Naggin Eejits came together like any good celtic band, through alcohol and music. Spanning three continents and four countries, the Naggin Eejits bring you mandolin, fiddle, squeezebox, whistle, guitar, bass, drums and some questionable singing.

Established in Hong Kong in 2018, the Naggin Eejits are now as staple of the Hong Kong music scene. The Eejits have played in and around the Hong Kong live music bars starting off with a Thursday gig at The Wanch. Since then they had headlined at the 2019 Rugby World Cup, filled bars for Paddys, toured to Singapore and more recently played for The Underground at The Grounds. That went so well they got invited back!

Known for their mix of trad music, celtic rock, folk and contemporary covers, they will have you singing and dancing throughout their set and leaving with a big smile on your face!

在酒精和音樂的推動下,Naggin Eejits成立了一支出色的Celtic樂隊。該樂隊成員遍布三大洲和四個國家,演奏多種樂器,如曼陀林、小提琴、手風琴、口哨、結他、低音結他和鼓,還有歌唱。Naggin Eejits於2018年在香港成立,現在已成為香港音樂界的代表之一。他們曾每星期四晚上在The Wanch的演出,更於2019年的欖球世界盃上擔任主唱,吸引了許多觀眾,甚至巡迴到新加坡。最近,他們在The Grounds的Underground演出了一場非常成功的演出,並獲邀再次演出!他們的音樂風格融合了傳統音樂、Celtic搖滾、民謠和現代翻唱歌曲,保證會讓你跟著音樂唱歌跳舞,最後帶著一個大大的笑容離開!

江逸天 Olivier Cong

江逸天 Olivier Cong

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