The Lemon Ones

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Jun 17 2023 to Jun 18 2023
The Wanch

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Constructed from retro psychedelic rock tones, energetic melodies and indie sensibilities with a refreshing modern twist, The Lemon Ones hones a sound that is daring yet simplistic and maintains elements of pop accessibility.

By introducing this unique style of music to Hong Kong, the group aims to break the mould, encouraging local music to evolve by diversifying the local band scene.

The Lemon Ones 主力創作屬於自己的音樂風格,以復古手法帶出一股新派的音樂潮流,將英倫迷幻音樂注入現代搖滾原素,加以輕快充滿動感的節拍,創造屬於自己獨特而又打破常規的新派音樂曲風,發揮音樂豐富多變的力量,邁向本地樂隊音樂的嶄新視聽領域。

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