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Jun 17 2023
The Fringe Club, Fringe Underground

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After years of experience as classical and pop musicians, Jovin Lee and Atlas Lu, also known as BURN and telvanni26 have joined forces to create the Producer DJ duo JVSY, debuting as techno producers in 2021.

Known for their cross-genre explorations with elements from house, techno, electronica, drum and bass, nu-jazz and more-they incorporate organic instruments and found sounds into their compositions to make their signature cinematic sound.

Giving a strong nod to their background, they also put their experience and newly acquired inspirations into their roles as adept film scorers, composers and session musicians.

經過多年的古典和流行音樂家經驗,Jovin Lee 和 Atlas Lu,也被稱為 BURN 和 telvanni26,聯手打造了 創建製作人 DJ 雙人組 JVSY,於 2021 年作為技術製作人首次亮相。 以跨流派探索而聞名,其中包括浩室、電子樂、電子樂、鼓和貝斯、新爵士樂等元素——他們融合了 有機樂器,並在他們的作品中發現聲音,以製作他們標誌性的電影聲音。 強烈認同他們的背景,他們也將他們的經驗和新獲得的靈感融入到他們作為熟練電影的角色中 作曲家、作曲家和會議音樂家。

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