Jon Shen & Jazove Mixetape

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Jun 17 2023
The Wanch

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The original "Jazove Mixtape" was established by Jon Shen, a traveling Jazz Fusion and Neo-Soul Funk composer-singer during his study time at Berklee College of Music Master Program in 2015 with his schoolmates, and rooted in Valencia, Spain. "Powerful groove", "soulful", "surprised progressions", and "improvise like talking" were a couple of labels given by the fans.

After 2 years, Jon Shen gathered his musician bros in church and played in many live venues, music festivals, and TV programs. Since 2017, they have played tour shows in many cities in Asia and Europe. In 2019, Jon released his album "Sole Divinity", the band members participated in the recording session of several tracks in this album.

最初的「Jazove Mixtape」是由Jon Shen在2015年在Berklee音樂學院碩士課程期間與他的同學們建立,並在西班牙瓦倫西亞扎根。樂迷給了他們幾個標籤,如「強勁的節奏」、「充滿靈魂」、「令人驚訝的進行曲」和「即興演奏像說話一樣」。

2年後,Jon Shen在教堂聚集他的音樂家兄弟,在許多現場表演、音樂節和電視節目中演奏。自2017年以來,他們在亞洲和歐洲不同的城市進行巡迴演出。2019年,Jon發行了他的專輯「Sole Divinity」,樂團成員參與了該專輯中幾首曲目的錄音。

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