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Jun 17 2023
The Fringe Club, Fringe Dairy

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Gwenji, born Ho Gwenji Billie, is a Hongkongese indie-folk singer-songwriter. She makes her debut with the top-streamed, charts-listed single Don’t in 2021. Her unique, airy vocals may remind one of uprising raw talents like Agnes Obeland and beabadoobee. A self-made musician and intuitive genius, Gwenji writes whenever the music in her head and the voice in her heart spur, pouring out every ounce of her true self. With her first album on the way, this genuine, soulful voice is one that the city much needs.

GWENJI 是一位香港獨立民謠歌手兼作曲人,在2021年推出單曲Don't首次亮相。她獨特、氣音的唱腔會讓人聯想到像Agnes Obel 和beabadoobee這樣的新興生力軍。作為一個自學成才的音樂人,GWENJI擅長彈唱富節奏感的結他和人聲旋律,寫出她真實的自我。她的第一張專輯即將面世, 或許是這個城市需要的一把誠實堅韌的聲音。

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