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Jun 20 2022

Listening to the tracks of this Tribidabo , one thing immediately stands out: genre boundaries or any other musical restrictions are completely nonexistent for the young Styrian trio.

The guiding theme of the musicians Matthias Meister (saxophone, cajon), Bernd Kohlhofer (accordion) and Simon Reithofer (guitar) is simply the absolute musical freedom, which reveals itself in a tremendous stylistic variety. Musical cultures meet, face each other, interweave and merge. Klezmer meets classical music, old Roma songs meet tango. Balkan meets French waltz. And in the end you realise that even though music is a language with many dialects, we understand it instinctively. Because it is the language of our hearts.

For this formation it seems as if there are no musical frontiers that cannot be overcome, no combination that is daring enough. The diversity in Tribidabo‘s compositions is wonderfully detached from any categorization and is unified in an incredibly lively and colorful whole.

Tribidabo (Austria)
Tribidabo (Austria)
Tribidabo (Austria)
Tribidabo (Austria)

聽Tribidabo 的音樂就有種感覺由然而生——這隊來自奧地利施泰爾馬克州的三人組合作品遠超越任何歌曲種類,甚至毫不受所有的音樂限制。樂隊由Matthias Meister (色士風、箱鼓)、Bernd Kohlhofer(手風琴)及Simon Reithofer(結他)組成。

Tribidabo 的主題很簡單——絕對的音樂自由。這追求也意味著作品中極多樣的音樂風格;音樂與文化相遇、對視、影響、融合。猶太傳統的克萊茲默曲風遇上西方古典音樂、老羅馬音樂遇上探戈、巴爾幹音樂遇上法國華爾茲,到最後,你會發現,我們本能地了解音樂這種有多個方言的語言,因為這就是我們內心的語言。

這就仿如沒有不能跨越的音樂界限,也沒有最佳組合。這種多樣性在Tribidabo 的作品當中,巧妙地脫離所有分類,又融為成為活生生而色彩滿滿的整體。

Tribidabo (Austria)

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