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Jun 20 2022

There has never been anything like it: The Kéknyúl Hammond Band (Blue Rabbit) in concert with three different singers. Headed by Mátyás Premecz on the Hammond organ and equally at home with jazz, funk and blues, the ensemble's evening programme entitled Blue Rabbit Deluxe will, on this occasion, be putting the spotlight on the genre of soul. To this end, key support will be provided by three high-energy vocalists: Andy Hefler, the group's American founding member, the Vienna-based and likewise American Big John Whitfield (Lighthouse Family, Jestofunk), a performer not dissimilar to James Brown, and finally Szabolcs Papp, the front man of Hungarian band Supernem.

Kéknyúl 電子風琴

期間限定:今次Kéknyúl 電子風琴樂隊(藍兔)由三位樂手組成演出——由電子風琴手 Mátyás Premecz 帶領,揉合爵士樂、放克和藍調,樂團推出「Blue Rabbit Deluxe」晚間節目,強調騷靈音樂;配合另外兩位高能量歌手——來自美國的創隊成員 Andy Hefler,演唱就如Big John Whitfield、Lighthouse Family、Jestofunk或James Brown;也請來來自匈牙利樂隊 Supernem 的主唱 Szabolcs Papp 參與演出。

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Kéknyúl 電子風琴
Kéknyúl 電子風琴
Kéknyúl 電子風琴

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