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Jun 19 2022

Pedro Silva and Filipe Damil Vicente formed Guarda-Rios in 2018. Born in the late seventies in the western countryside of Portugal, not too distant from urban influence -not only through radio or tv but also by going to high school in Torres Vedras- the duo grew during a time when the analog and digital worlds connected. As a consequence of their natural urge to explore cinematic soundscapes through guitars, Guarda-Rios have released two albums -Provas de Contacto [2019] and Telefonia [2020] - and are currently working on new songs for another album.

Pedro Silva 與Filipe Damil Vicente 在2018年組成樂隊Guarda-Rios。二人同樣於七十年代末生於葡萄牙西部,又仍能受到城市影響——不只止於在電台、電視,更是在高中時到過里斯本區的托雷斯韋德拉什(Torres Vedras)讀書。二人就在類比與數位世界連接的時候成長。

基於由然而生對以結他探索電影聲音景觀的渴求,Guarda-Rios 推出兩張專輯——2019年的Provas de Contacto 與2020年的Telefonia。現時正準備新專輯的歌曲。

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