Charming Way

Performance Details

Jun 13 2021
<span>02:30 PM</span> to <span>03:00 PM</span>
The Box, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District


Charming Way is a Hong Kong indie band. Their music is described as classic rock & roll with a vintage vibe. By integrating the sounds of British bands from the nineties with canto-style melodies, they created a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh to the ears.

Despite the fact that their mother tongue is Cantonese, their songs are primarily in English because they want their audience regardless of nationality to be able to understand their story and ideas, being born in British colony Hong Kong before its return to China. They want their voices to be heard not just by the locals, but by people all around the globe.

Charming Way

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