[Know our Patron] Marc Collin 

Marc Collin is a French musician, composer and producer, who is today recognised internationally as the producer of Nouvelle Vague. The band came to Hong Kong on several occasions during the last 20 years. Before becoming a leader in electronic music, Marc Collin attended film school in Paris in a life seemingly destined for the “7th art (the art of cinema)”.

In 2018, due to his experience as a music producer, Marc Collin set up the production company The Perfect Kiss Films and co-produced his first feature film Le Choc du Futur with Nebo Production. The actress and musician Alma Jodorowsky plays Ana, an artist who wants to reinvent the music of her time using synthesisers and the first drum machine in the late 1970s. The film, released in 2019, was selected for several festivals including South by Southwest in Austin and the Torino (Turin) Film Festival.

This year, our Hong Kong audience will have the opportunity to enjoy his second feature film Why Versailles? as the opening film of the French May Cinema Programme, held in May and June. The film also opened the 2022 International Music Film Festival (FAME) at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. Why Versailles? attempts to unravel the mystery of the heart of the French Touch electronic music that grew out of the city of Versailles, in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Why ‘in’ Versailles is the question raised in this work.

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Not only supporting our Cinema Programme, Marc Collin is also the patron of Make Music, Hong Kong! and send his support online from Paris on this international / French music day. Let's celebrate the music together on 19 June and enjoy the summer breeze! 

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認識Marc Collin

Marc Collin是一位法國著名音樂家、作曲家和製作人,憑藉著其Nouvelle Vague翻唱樂隊製作人的身份而國際知名。此樂隊過往20年曾經在不同場合訪港,與本地觀眾見面。

在成為電子音樂靈魂人物之前的Marc Collin曾在巴黎一間電影學校上學,因而習得『第七藝術(電影藝術)』。2018年,基於身為音樂製作人的經驗,Marc Collin成立了The Perfect Kiss Films電影公司,並與Nebo Production共同製作了他的第一部劇情片《Le choc du futur。既是女演員又是音樂家的Alma Jodorowsky在片中飾演一位想要以一部合成器和1970年代末第一台鼓機重塑屬於自己那個年代的藝術家。該片於2019年上映並入選多個電影節,包括奧斯汀的South by Southwest(西南偏南藝術節大會)和都靈電影節。

作為《法國五月電影節目》開幕片,香港觀眾將能在今年五、六月欣賞到他第二部電影《Why Versailles?》,此片亦是2022年巴黎Gaîté Lyrique國際音樂電影節(FAME)的開幕片。《Why Versailles?》試圖揭開八十年代末九十年代初法國電子音樂『French Touch』的核心凡爾賽市的神秘面紗:如片名所述,電影解答為何(why)當年此嶄新風格的電子樂在古城(Versailles)方興未艾。

延伸閱讀:透過法國五月藝術節認識Marc Collin

不只止於電影,Marc Collin 亦支持2022年的『覓音樂!』音樂節,更由巴黎遠洋為香港演出打氣。今年音樂節於6月19日舉行,參與我們這場竟日的音樂盛宴吧!