HK bands interviews

Festival Guest host Dr. Wong Chi Chung interviews 4 Hong Kong bands. Different bands, different locations and different music styles, you will learn about their views on creation and the Hong Kong music scene. Enjoy! 

KOLOR - Today the setting of the interview is very different. Our guest host Dr. Wong Chi Chung goes out of the studio and concrete jungle to interview Canto Rock Band KOLOR while they hike.They talk about how they form the band, their visions and what bring them together as a band. KOLOR is a four-man canto rock band formed in 2005. Band member includes vocalist and guitarist Sammy So, guitarist Robin Law, bassist Sing Tse and drummer Michael Chu. The name of Kolor came from the word Color, which represents their diversities both musically and personally. 

David Boring  - In this interview, our guest host Dr. Wong Chi Chung talks with the Post Punk Band, David Boring, about how the Band members come together and sharing their ideas and thoughts on music creation. Formed in 2013 in Hong Kong, David Boring is named after the unlikely hero from American cult classic graphic novel David Boring. Since the release of the album in 2017, David Boring went from being an under-the-radar local cult favourite, to slowly reaching out to an international audience. They were named by i-D, as well as Dazed and Confused magazine, as one of the top 5 bands from East Asia to watch out for.

黃禍, Yellow Peril - In the first episode of the interview series, Dr. Wong Chi Chung interviewed Yellow Peril, Hong Kong underground Hip Hop Band, about the Band, their thoughts and views on music creation in Hong Kong. Yellow Peril is a group of free-spirited artists actively engaged in the underground live scene and art creation. Band members include MC Yan, DJ Frankie, Chef, Adv, JYD, TT, Kidflow etc. MC Yan, as known as the famous hip hop band “LMF” group member, is a legendary figure in the Hong Hong Hip Hop scene and has influenced generations of local Hip Hop artists.

Interzone Collective - Today in this episode, our guest host Dr. Wong Chi Chung interviews the band Interzone Collective about their beliefs in music, creation and production around the themes of city and countryside. Inspired by the instrument handpan, the music is about finding the door to the corridors of perception and the inner working of the human mind in the most abstract form. It unlocks the power, the beauty and the darkness of the subconscious. Let’s discover more about the band Interzone Collective through this interview!

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