Call for Volunteers 義工招募!

過嚟幫我哋手,免費獲得兩張 2023 法國電影節戲飛!

執勤場地:中環藝穗會及灣仔The Wanch




  1. 以上所有項目均由所有義工輪替執行
  2. 部分執勤點需戶外進行,請留意天氣狀況
  3. 執勤前將有簡介時段,請務必準時


Help us out and get 2 free tickets to Hong Kong French Film Festival 2023!

Duty Date and Time: Please see below
Venue:  The Fringe Club and The Wanch

Volunteers will be assigned the following tasks:

Manpower Distribution::


  1. Volunteers are required to perform all the tasks above on a rotating basis.
  2. Some of the checkpoints require volunteers to stay outdoors. Please be aware of the weather conditions.
  3. A briefing session will be held before duty started. Be punctual! 

If interested, please email with your brief self-introduction, your availability and your contact (email and phone number) by 9 June 2023. We will contact you soon. See you then! 

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