Yellow Peril

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Jun 20 2020 07:00 AM
Live Streaming

MC Yan, DJ Frankie, Chef, Adv, JYD, TT, Kidflow form together the group Yellow Peril since 2000. 

If you are interested in HK's music scene, you must have heard some of the members' solo projects !
Yellow Peril leader MC Yan is a legendary figure in the Hong Kong hip hop scene and has influenced generations of local hip hop artists.  DJ Frankie is one of Hong Kong's most famous DJ, and is creating since 1996. Their music collective is less known... what better opportunity to discover all their talent together than Make Music Hong Kong! ? 

Yellow Peril seems to be more engaged in the underground live scene and underground art creation.
This year, to celebrate their 20 years of anniversary, they finally released the long awaiting new music video of the song “True Street Boy”. Filmed in famous temple situated in Castle Peak, it pays tribute to Bruce Lee’s famous film” A Better Tomorrow” during the introduction of the music video. 


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