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Jun 19 2020
Dedicated concert

21 year-old Swedish pop artist and producer ISA releases her fierce and empowering new single ‘Walk Like Jesus’ following a spate of critically acclaimed single releases.

Featuring angular, dark and punchy production, this single instantly demands the attention and pulls the listener in. When layered with ISA’s irresistible and powerful vocals, ‘Walk Like Jesus’ becomes an anthem about personal empowerment and growth.
In fact, aside from releasing her own music, ISA has written hits with the likes of Peg Parnevik, Malou Prytz, Charlie Who? and she has collaborated with Grammy awarded Garren, Sidney Samson and Jamkid.

ISA started her own independent label, Licious Music in 2017, and has been staunchly independent ever since. As a result of the untamed creative space that this allowed, she has developed a unique, signature sound that truly sets her apart from other pop artists occupying the space.

Speaking about this, ISA states: ”I want to be a role model in daring to express confidence, emotions and to acknowledge all of your imperfections. Stand out. Since it’s been and still is a struggle for me in finding a healthy relationship with myself, I hope I can inspire others by sharing what I feel. I love music since it gives me the opportunity to turn my feelings and thoughts into art. In my unreleased material my femininity and my own perspective of how girls should be looked at is reflected and I couldn’t be more excited about sharing it with the world.” - ISA


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