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Jun 13 2021 01:45 AM to 02:15 AM
The Box, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District
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Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter-producer cehryl has a voice as dulce and mellifluous as the songs she produces and writes to. Stories that explore the complexity of human emotion fill her dreamy, genre-fusing tracks, where her lyrical flair and classical training are on full display. From the strings to the production, recording, and mixing, cehryl orchestrates every part of her songs. “I realized people don’t expect women to be producers and I hated that,” she admits, touching on her experience as an undergrad at Berklee College of Music, and the years that followed in Los Angeles where she worked in studios as an engineer whilst cultivating her own artistry.

In high school, she moved from Hong Kong to the UK, where she began writing her own songs, drawing inspiration from a blend of R&B, punk, and indie pop-folk. Since her first release in 2016, the intoxicating, emotive vignette Delusions, cehryl released a slew of singles and projects leading up to 2019’s acclaimed .

She credits her close community of friends and fellow artists like Brian Mantra, Soft Glas, Gitai, Maddie Jay, Alex Szotak, Mulherin and their eclectic music tastes as foundational to her own, ever-evolving sonic palette. cehryl’s new music is a natural extension of her wide-ranging compass, from jazz to electronic, folk & pop.

She currently resides in Hong Kong, where she grew up, working closely with the tight-knit indie music community alongside bands like Riddem Section as well as visual artists Jonny Ho and Ran Zhang.

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